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    Memory card not present - error


    Watch out - newbie on the board.

    I have a FZ-20 about a year old. Downloaded 1000's of pics off the camera during that last year. Hooked it up via th USB port as usual last week and it's giving "The is no supported memory card present".

    We run Windows XP at my office and you card see the camera "device" is present on hardware found but it does not show up when using just windows explorer.

    I still run Windows 98 on my son's computer at home and his can see the camera.

    What gives any suggestions?????

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    Thats a switch 98 can see it and XP can not.
    Its my guess that the connection at the camera is failing and works at times but not at others.

    The only way I know if thats the case, is to get a card reader.
    Make sure its USB2 about 10 dollars.
    It really is the best way anyhow, much faster and the possibility of the camera malfuntioning is eliminated.

    one of these days I'll understand!

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    I wouldn't be suprised if it were a XP security gliche of some sort. I have had numerous problems ever since I've had XP. Don't get me wrong though I love XP.
    On another note, I saw a new SD card in Sunday's paper, an SD card that folds in half which exposes a USB plug at the other end. What will they think of next!
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