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    Big list of needs (fast moving pictures /movie mode) with no budget- which DC for me?

    I currently have an old school olympus 1.3 MP cam (from like 3 years ago lol) it has suited me quite well in that its very durable, and takes reasonable pics for a 1.3.

    I also have a samsung scd-303 DV digital camcorder. The problem I find with this, is that I have all these tapes I never watch (a lot of work to get all of them on the comp).

    I am looking at the new digital cameras out, and my hope is that I can sell the camcorder, and just use the video mode on the new camera. (will be keeping the old 1.3 just because its only worth about 35 bucks now)

    The things I need in list of importance:
    Ability to take phots of MOVING OBJECTS! Two of my hobbies are rc car's (hobby grade not radio shack toys) and I love taking action shots. I also like taking action shots of our ATV's at the sand dunes (jumping particularly) and I dont want a camera that will just show a blurr.

    I need somthing that will take pictures of everything pretty well, including macro so I can take cool close ups, but have good detail for everything else as well.

    The other thing I am concerned about is video quality. Since I am wanting to dump the camcorder, I need somthing with a high Frame rate, so the vids turn out good.

    So far I am looking at the following

    Canon sd550

    ^^ But, seems according to the reviews, the canons (especially the sd400/450 but the 500/550 as well) have issues with the LCD cracking, thus becoming useless. I do plan to get a good warranty with whatever I buy, but wouldnt be much fun if the camera broke out in the dunes (we only hit the dunes once a year).

    then I am also looking at this camera:
    Sony DM-1

    ^^ CNET said it is the best camera out for movies, but it is only 5.0mp and some reviewers complained about the picture quality. I am also a tad worried about the design. I just keep thinking bits of sand will get in between the two pieces, scratching it up. The other thing is this camera is only a 5.0 megapixel model. As of now this is definitely not number one, as the sd550 has the same FPS in movie mode (and actually has a 60fps for up to a minute)- and I can get the sd550 from newegg for 390, where as the m-1 is 424)

    I have also found the p200 to be a reasonable one, but not sure its of good enough quality (I dont want to get a camera then want somthing better in a few months, this is why im not worrying about money now as it is currently budgeted for this reason).

    ANY help is greatly appreciated! I just know the basics on this stuff, and its really hard to judge a camera without using it for awhile (more than the crappy store displays) so first hand experiences are very helpful!

    Thanks much in advance!

    P.S. I am wondering one thing about MP ratings. If I take a picture on the same setting (IE Super fine) on two different resolutions (the highest and the lowest) will the picture still have the same quality? Obviously the bigger the picture, the more detail but - I dont really understand exactly how the MP rating works, but want to make sure if I set the resolution down (I generally like smaller file sizes for easier sending) the lower resolution pictures will still look good.

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    come on now, 21 views and no replies! If you have any ideas for me just let me know. As you can tell I dont know all that much about this stuff, so personal experiences would be awesome with the m1 or the sd550 if anyone has one.

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    I have done about as much research as I can on this forum (at least exhausted my mind of search words)

    55 views no, but still no replies?

    JTL I sent you a PM, didnt know if you got it (Saw your review for the sd550/sd500) on cnet.

    any help is still appreciated.

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    I visit the Sony forum over on dpreview quite often, and have seen some people rave about the P200. The build quality is supposed to be top-notch. One guy almost prefers the P200 images to his Oly dSLR (mainly because of purple fringing issues)

    EDIT: here's the link http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/re...ssage=15764270
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    damn I had just taken that camera out of the running...lol

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