Author: ReF
Is this lens worth the price? Yes
Would I buy this lens again? Yes


Pros: extremely wide angle (equal to about 16 or 17mm after 1.6x crop, even better on a Nikon 1.5x) for a low price, good build quality, quiet AF for a non-HSM motor, smooth focus ring, accurate AF, good lens cap design, low flare (very important for an ultra-wide). fisheye effect is easily corrected with free software with excellent results. very sharp at f2.8 - as sharp as my 50mm at 2.8.

Cons: does not sharpen up as much my other lenses when stopped down to f4, AF/MF switch is stiff (but that's just nit-picking - no point deduction)

Would I buy again? Yes. with affordable FF on the horizon the 10-20 and 10-22 lenses are not as appealing IMO. the 15mm would become even wider on FF, and the semi-fisheye effect is sometimes welcome or even undetectable (at least on 1.6x).