Author: ReF
Is this lens worth the price? Yes
Would I buy this lens again? Yes


Pros: very good build quality, sharp, light, comparatively small, cheap, nice bokeh. zoom and focus rings turn very smoothly.

focus not as fast as i expected, but still quite good. large flare spot if shooting the moon off center (EDIT: that's with the canon 1.4x TC - did not try the same shots without the TC, so I'm not sure if it is a fault of the lens or the TC or both. Just another reason i have not rated this lens yet) - have not experienced flare during daytime yet.

Would I buy again? At this early point, yes. Heck I literally spent several months researching and deciding between the 100-400L IS, 80-400 OS, 70-200L f2.8, 70-200L IS, 100-300 f4, sigma 70-200 f2.8, and this lens. It even came down to this lens and the 80-200L f2.8 right before I made my purchase.

At times I wish I could get even more background blur than I can at f4 for portraits, but Iíve actually had a tough time getting enough DOF below F4 for portraits anyways, or maybe I just need more portrait shooting experience. Having a larger aperture for use with a 1.4x TC would be nice too. The 3 main reasons I bought this lens were small size/weight, closest focus distance of all the lenses I considered (for shooting indoors), and that ďLĒ quality look to itís images. So far none of the competing lenses offer the same optics/performance in a weight and size that comes close. Size/weight is a big deal to me, a guy who sometimes carries a bunch of gear on his back all day. Since I take my gear bag anywhere there might be a good photo opportunity, I didnít want a lens that I might leave at home due to itís size.