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    DSLR Lens Reviews Submission Form

    DSLR Lens Reviews Submission Form

    This is the submission form for lens reviews. They are organized and linked to in an orderly manner here (Canon) and here (Nikon).


    1) ONE REVIEW PER POST. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you have multiple reviews, it's still one review per post. Post your review ONLY in this thread. Do not start a new thread.

    2) In the TITLE of your post, you must include...

    - Full name of the lens (Brand, mount, focal length, aperture)
    - Your rating of the lens on a scale of 1-10 where 10 is the highest.

    (Example "Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 - 9")

    3) In the BODY of your post, specify...

    - Whether you think the lens is worth it (yes or no)
    - Whether you would buy the lens again (yes or no)
    - Then provide a brief review of the lens in a format of your choice (every has used Pros/Cons/Would I buy this lens again? so far). Write 150 words minimum, but do not exceed 500 words in most cases.

    There are many examples of reviews below for reference. You are encouraged to copy and paste an existing review to form the basis for yours.

    Thanks for participating. Your input is appreciated.

    - Rex914

    [START COPY - Don't forget the title!]

    Is this lens worth the price? Yes or No
    Would I buy this lens again? Yes or No

    Pros: List out the pros of this lens in complete sentences or coherent fragments.

    Cons: List out the cons of this lens in complete sentences or coherent fragments.

    Would I buy it again? Say WHY you would or wouldn't buy this lens again.

    [END COPY]
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