This question may be somewhat OT for this group. If so I apologize in advance. Still I hope you might be able to help me. There is a story which must precede my question:

As I do each week, yesterday I visited our local VOA (thrift store). You NEVER know what you will find. Yesterday I found and purchased two camera lenses and an adapter:

*Tamrom SP 90mm F/2.5 model 52B
*Tamron-SP 2X Tele Converter model 01F
*Tamron Adaptall-2 Custom Mount

All three items were in original packaging with all covers/protectors intact and in place. Leather cases and straps were included with the lenses. The items were just as if bought in a store, and these items are new to the best of my abilty to judge. I paid just under ten bucks ($9.26) for the three items - not each, the total bill was $9.26.

Before anyone mistakes the reason for this post, the items are NOT for sale . . repeat not for sale. Do not even think about it or attempt to contact me for this reason.

But I would be grateful to know what I have bought. Are these lenses still being manufactured or are they old and outmoded? Are they well regarded by people in the know?

These items do not LOOK like or appear to be junk, but today appearances can deceive. Is this junk? I am suspicious only because the price was low.

If these are good lenses, as I hope is the case, I hope someday to be able to afford a digital SLR camera back with which to use them. Are these lenses compatible with new digital camera backs? Will they fit, or can they be adapted to fit?

Thank you.