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    Need suggestions for an inexpensive zoom for Rebel

    Hi. I'm enjoying my rebel (300d), but I'm still a total newbie. DH wants to get me a zoom lens for my b-day, but I need it to stay around $200 or less. Is that even worth it for the quality I'd be getting?

    I'm fairly satisfied with the quality of my kit lens (18-55), so if I could get something like a 55-200 with that level of quality, I'd be okay with that.

    Mostly, I'd be using it to take photos of my daughter while playing outside and on outings. Would 55-200 be good for that? (I think starting at 70 is too close.)

    Any suggestions? Sigma, tamron, canon?


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    I think if you did a search down in the lens forum your question may be answered.
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    The Canon EF 55-200 is not exactly a great lens. You might get better results with the Sigma 70-300 APO.

    Even the Sigma 18-125 would be a better choice, I think.
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    Misty, I'm a total newbie, too. I bought my rebel xt a few months ago and I'm enjoying learning to use it. I'm anxious to try different lenses, including macro, zoom, etc., but didn't want to spend a lot while I'm still experimenting. I figured I could buy expensive ones when I find what I really enjoy doing. Anyway, I bought a Sigma 70-300APO. It gave me zoom and macro for around $200. Check aparmley's site above for excellent examples of the type of pictures you can take with this lens. Of course, I don't have his talent, but it sold me on this lens. I also bought the Canon 50mm for $70, mostly for closeups of my kids. This has given me a lot to play around with without spending much. I'm sure there are better lenses out there, but these have worked fine for me and cover most situations. Good luck and enjoy!

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    Sigma and Tamron tend to give more bang for the buck.

    I paid $250 for my Sigma 70-300 DG APO including shipping and UV filter from bhphotovideo.com

    I'm not particularly impressed with it, but have gotten some very nice shots too.

    The focusing is slow, noisy and often fails in poor light. The image quality is OK and it performs about like you'd expect for $250. Note: The macro capability on this lense is very nice! ObiJuan has had tremendous success with it - and he's a very qualified fine lense snob . (and I say that with the deepest respect)

    If you decide on that zoom range, and you are happy with the 18-55 kit lense, this one will probably be even a bit better.

    I think you should consider Coldrain's suggestion of a Sigma 18-125. A lot of people have been satisfied with that lense. Not a pro-caliber, but very respectable.

    Here's a couple of shots from the 70-300 DG APO Macro:

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