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    Fry's Electronics - 512MB CF for $19.99

    For those of you living in a Fry's Electronics zone:

    512MB (not name brand) Compact Flash card for $19.99 after $25 mail-in rebate. Limit 1 per customer (for the rebate as well). Sorry this is in-store only.

    They also have a 1GB Sandisk SD card for $59.99 after $20 rebate and 256MB (not name brand) SD for $14.99 after $15 rebate!


    As a note: I have been using "non-name brand" CF cards for many years and have never had a problem. I use them without problems in my D70, and the speed is fine except for High-speed continuous shooting (like sports).

    Most consumer digicams are not fast enough to take advantage of high speed memories anyway. And only a handful of dSLR's can take advantage of 40X and above.
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    Circity City 10% Rebate

    Try this link for a 10% gift card on all items over $199.00. Good until 10/09.


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