Hello, I am a beginner looking to get into shooting portraits/headshots. I would be shooting oudoors in natural light at least to start with. The budget is not quite as important as getting the right camera that I can grow with. The shots would be for printing at 8x10. I'm not sure what the minimum for megapixels is. Would 6 be enough for good quality? I've searched the forum and it seems like most people recommend Canon. Would the Rebel be a good choice for me? And if I went that way would the Rebel XT be worth the extra $$? I was originally looking at the Nikon D50. I'm not sure if there are huge differences here...If anyone has other suggestion those would be appreaciated....Also, there has been a lot of discussion regarding the lens kit...For someone just starting out would it be a good idea to just buy that seeing as I will be just learning in the beginning anyway and then move on to a better lens or should I buy a 50 mm (which I think is a portrait lens?) now and practice with that? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance!