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Thread: high speed card

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    Question high speed card

    I'm going to buy a d 50, do I need a high speed card, if so what are the benefits?

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    People will will you to buy some super brand name (read = expensive) card. I use a generic (APacer brand) 1 GB 60x card and it works perfectly. When if shoot in burst mode I never have a problem with up to 10 - 12 shots.
    The D50 has a reasonable buffer, 32 MB I think so as long as you don't want to hold the shutter down until the card is full there is no real reason for a super expensive card. Just buy a reliable brand.
    Buy at least 1 GB that is only around 130 pictures in RAW and you will be amazed how quickly you can shoot that many with a D50.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy
    I'm going to buy a d 50, do I need a high speed card, if so what are the benefits?
    Benefits are: Faster data transfer in continuous shooting mode (after the on-board buffer is full) and faster transfer from the card to your computer.

    I agree with K1W1 on brand. I use PQI 100X and 40X cards and they work fine for high speed use.
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    Go with a high-speed card if you're going to shoot in continuous mode but don't worry about super high speed cards. You only need 40x or 60x with the D50. There are much faster cards out there that you'll never be able to utilize. I just bought a Kingston Elite Pro 1G (60x I think) at ZipZoomFly for $56 after rebate. Buy.com had a similar offer.

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    I agree with whats been said sofar. I will also add that i have a 133x card (got it cheap) and the cam. buffer is still the limiting factor. shooting RAW max res. it will not shoot continously till card is full. Once cam buffer is full (4-5shots) it will take 1sec or so for next shot. It does get faster with 133x than a 40x but not in a way that its of any real use. So get the cheap known bard card you can find 40x and up. I'd say...
    Hope this helps.
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