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Thanks, Lukas. Yes, I find I'm taking more and more of my landscapes in a vertical position. I did have my polarizer fader on the lens, but the more I use it, the more I think it's not a circular polarizer. It can make everything darker, but it doesn't change color or etc. I worked on the sky in PP. I also liked the way the road led to the bridge in the 2nd shot here.
Anyway, I'm glad I have my pol.fader, I think it will be great when shooting waterfalls, or anything where I want to extend the shutter speed. It will go to almost completely black.
Hi Tori'

I really enjoyed both the bridge shots and the portrait landscapes of the volcanic cone etc.

I think I like the 48mm perspective the best in the bridge shot, as it seems to allow for more foreground road leading up to the bridge and really highlights the texture of the hills behind, although the truck really highlights the effect of zoom (18mm vs 48mm) on backgrounds and how it flattens depth and alters our perception of it.

I really like your focus in the portrait landscape, the leading lines and colour.

Sorry I didn't respond earlier in the Nikon thread, but the POTD thread has heavy traffic and moves forward quickly and I felt it was too late to write there....