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    LindzerLou42 Guest

    Fixing the LCD Screen

    My Nikon Coolpix 4600 camera's LCD screen has been cracked I do not know if it was internally or externally but my question is: Is it worth repairing? If it is how should I go about doing that?

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    Apr 2005
    If it's still under warranty then yes it should be repaired. If it isn't anymore you can alsways get an estimate from your Nikon service center first.

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    dons115 Guest

    Cracked on Screenof Coolpix 4600

    I also have the same problem with a crack showing on the screen of a new coolpix 4600. The camera is 6 weeks old and was not dropped or banged. The crack is not in the plastic, but the scrren shows a picture like a cracked mirror. I intend to send it bakc to Nikon. Is this a problem that others are experiencing?

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    Feb 2008

    Forget Fixing the LCD under Warranty

    I've got a Nikon coolpix L12 that I bought last summer. The LCD display stopped working after 6 months. I sent it to Nikon with a copy of my original purchase receipt. They refuse to repair it under warranty saying that it is not a manufacturing defect. They are willing to discount the repair bill and still charge me $78 for their trouble!

    Forget fixing a broken LCD on a low or medium end camera is my conmclusion. I was most dissapointed in Nikon, a brand I have trusted my entire life. Basically these are throw away cameras unless someone knows where to buy LCD displays cheap. Nikon wants $76 just for the LCD via their parts department!

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    Feb 2008
    If your camera has a broken lcd, the best place to go I've found is ebay. I was able to buy a reconditoned Coolpix L12 for 60 dollars. It came with a 1 year warranty packed in a box with everything that a new camera comes with- even the straps, cords, manual and CD ROM! You can't even buy a replacement LCD for so little. So, my theory about these low end units being disposble was correct. Viva ebay!!

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