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    Quote Originally Posted by jwhite

    Take a look at the program called autostich located here:


    It is what I and another person used in pictures previously posted. It is a free program developed by a university to stich together pictures. From what I can tell it does an awesome job. I didn't see any seems in my pano, even with it blown up. It also will do brightness adjustments, so that the brightness across images is the same. Many other detailed options. It is fairly fast especially compared to other programs I've read about, although it is definitely memory and cpu intensive. It took probably less than 10 minutes to stich together the pano of 4 images I had previously posted.

    The resulting image looks like what is produced by JPL when they stich together the images from the Mars rovers. I cropped the final image to take out the extra black space added to stich them together.

    Nice program! See picture from 2x2=4 shots:
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