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    Can I use a filter

    I bought some filters for my Olympus C765. Polarizer, UV and flourescent light filters were in the group. I was then told that the Olympus camera I had doesn't need any external filters, that it does the job good enough on its own. So is it a waste of money and time to mess with these filters, or should they still be used.......................doug

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    Doug, most filters are used for artistic effects.
    Personally, I only use 2 filters - one UV filter and one Polarising filter.
    UV filter just to protect the camera lens (or so at least I don't need to clean it that often). It's good to have UV filter on all the time, but again there are endless debates about this.
    I use Polarising filter for the time when the sunlight is too strong so some glare is cut off.

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    the polarizer is definately useful (those that say it's unnecessary for digital probably haven't used it in any situation where a polarizer would make a huge difference in their pics), the UV is just for protection or for shooting at high altitudes (or so i hear. polarizers work there too) and the flourescent seems to be something that is used with film to correct for color cast. you already have auto and selectable white balance so the last filter seems a bit useless.
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