Which camera should I buy?

This short questionnaire will help the rest of us make good camera recommendations for you. Please answer each question carefully and succinctly.

The questions marked with a * are the most important.



* What budget have you allocated for buying this camera? Please be as specific as possible. 300, -500 ... I have thought about paying more because the last two cameras i purchased broke with in 3 years. Olympus C-50 and D-100. The repair is $$$. Thought about trading up with Olympus but they give no deals..Size

* What size camera are you looking for? Or does size not matter at all to you?
Not a concern!!!

How many megapixels will suffice for you? 4-5
* What optical zoom will you need? (None, Standard = 3x-4x, Ultrazoom = 10x-12x, Other - Specify) would like to take sport from a distance and also be able to take very close ups
* How important is “image quality” to you? (Rate using a scale of 1-10)
this is very important to me..

Do you care for manual controls? yes they are nice for special shots and I would love to learn more about them..
General Usage

* What will you generally use the camera for? everything!!!! close up of kids and far for their soccer games, horse jumping… and also landscapes....
* Will you be making big prints of your photos or not? yes, the ones we want to frame and ....
Will you be shooting a lot of indoor photos or low light photos? yes

Will you be shooting sports and/or action photos? yes

Miscellaneous yes

Are there particular brands you like or hate? not sure! Have had several camera... the last two Olympus ..I have the DX cards and would like to use them but if I find another brand of camera, i guess i would not be using them..
Are there particular models you already have in mind? was looking at the Olympus C-5500 and the C-595, one for sports and one for close ups... but also like what I hear about the Rebel... but expensive.... i have had a Konica 35 mm, great camera....
(If applicable) Do you need any of the following special features? (Wide Angle, Image Stabilization, Weatherproof, Hotshoe, Rotating LCD)

Would like all of the above,, Rotating LCD not important. Does the image stabilization that cuts blur for snapshots and video??? This would be nice my last two cameras were not too good. Weather proof ...nice for around water. The Hotshoe is for ... extra flash???

thank you, Dee