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    Where to buy Cannon G6 or S60/S70?


    I have decided to buy either the Cannon G6, S60 or S70. I would like to get extended warranty on the camera. I like the hassle-free extended warranty (about 50 odd dollars for 3 more years) that stores like Best Buy offer. Unfortunately, Best Buy does not carry these models. They carry many other Cannon models including ones like the Digital Rebel (I don't understand why they don't carry the above models). Ritz Camera offers extended warranty but at US$80 per year, which is a little too pricey for my taste!

    Are there any other options? Or should I just risk buying the camera at an online store with nothing more than the manufacturer's warranty? Makes me a little nervous.. If so, any suggestions for an online store...?

    Thanks in advance,

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    re: g6

    hello, the bestbuy store in indiana does carry the G^

    awesome camera

    I prefer the price of the canon S1 0 but the G6 is there !!!

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    re: Where to buy Cannon G6 or S60/S70?

    i got a G6 from zipzoomfly.com (http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/Produc...uctCode=162525). they don't have any kind of extended warranties that i can see, but then again they don't specialize in cameras. however, they are fairly reputable (formerly known as Googlegear, i believe), and their prices are decent for both cameras and flash memory (as of 9/27 the price is $618 here). you also get free 2nd day shipping on most things.

    whether or not the extended warranty is important is up to you, but if you're just looking for hassle-free shopping then this is a good bet.

    by the way, i'm quite pleased with my purchase. the G6 takes great pictures!

    - hai

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