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Hi Geoff, thanks...

Yup the D70 is tried and true. Bought a D80, but it didn't like the Sigma's, so I sold it.

The next camera will be a D700... once I achieve full-time employment again. I had a chance to use a freinds D700 and was hooked.

About the only additional feature I need right now is sensor cleaning... I see a speck on sky shots. Time to lock up the mirror and dive in again.

A 3" LCD would also be handy...

Agree on that
I liked the shape of the D70 slightly more then the D80 - but by the time I got around to a DSLR - the D70 was finished.
Interesting about the Sigmas!! Which ones have you tried on it (the D80)
I have the D80 and have not had the best of times with the Sigmas on it
which makes me a bit uncertain about a Sigma Macro.....