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First post in this forum, hope this turns out..
This was taken a few months back in Niagara Falls, Ont.
Its definitly not one of my best pictures, But I thought the building was pretty cool looking.

It hasnt been altered in any way.
I am sure it can use some photoshopping to touch it up a bit. BUT.. I'm not 100% familiar with it.. if anyone wants to do it and post it back up.. be my guest. haha.. I can send the original file if you like.
This photo has come out very well -colour is always a difficult thing to guage and yes it's sometimes just as easy to tweak it afterwards with artificial lighting.
If your camera has it and you can you can always do a manual balamce.
here's my personal interpretation of the colour - just a fine tweak in Serif Photoshop of the colours and curves. See what you think...