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    "Route 66" is the romanticized name given to Highway 66 which stretches from Chicago to the Pacific Ocean west of Los Angeles. In the 30's and 40's it was a main road for the migration of poor farmers from Oklahoma and other areas to the promising wealth of California. John Steinbeck wrote about this "Mother Road" and the migration of the Joad family in his novel "The Grapes of Wrath".

    In the late 30's through the 60's, many service stations and restaurants sprang up along the highway. However, as new freeways were built, travel on "Route 66" died off, and many establishments closed down.

    This was a Mohawk gas station, in Oro Grande, California.
    Attachment 25139

    Another dead building in Oro Grande.
    Attachment 25140

    Just up the road was William Potapov's "Bill's Service" in Oro Grande.
    Attachment 25141

    This was a cafe in Daggett, California.
    Attachment 25142

    Mugwumps service station is only a few buildings down the road.
    Attachment 25143

    Still in Daggett, this was the Sportsmans Club.
    Attachment 25144

    This former agricultural inspection station near Daggett is no longer used.
    Attachment 25145

    The Bagdad Cafe (formerly the Sidewinder Cafe) is actually located in Newberry Springs, California, and is doing good business partly because it was featured in the movie "The Bagdad Cafe" from 1988. They kept the name.
    Attachment 25146

    Roy's in Amboy, California is on a comeback as the whole town was recently purchased and is being renovated.
    Attachment 25147

    The Road Runner Retreat west of Chambliss, California. It was used in a car commercial in 1988, but it is fading back into the desert.
    Attachment 25148
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