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    d50=d70s?! Firmware.

    I'm in suspicion that the d50 can be firmware upgraded to a d70s (or close) using the d70 firmware upgrade to the d70s features (excluding some), so basicly, since the d50 is a "lite" model of the d70s, does anyone guess it can be flashed to a d70s? I don't know the exact differences between the d50 and d70s, or if that firmware upgrade even enables those features, so does anyone know?

    Sure, not much of a help, but this would be temping: http://www2.buydig.com/shop/basket.a...=add&sks=NKD50,

    d50 plus free 512mb card for 747 bucks, plus free overnight shipping! If it's possible to flash this thing to a d70, thats one great deal!

    EDIT: yeah I understand this is all kinda useless, would void warrenties, but I'm a computer enthusaist, more specificly overclocker, so this stuff is my kinda thing LOL.
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