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    Quote Originally Posted by HappySnapper
    Tsim Sham Tsui...Kowloon...Mong Kok...
    I wouldn't be able to stop giggling long enough to buy anything anyway.
    Driftwood floats after years of erosion
    Incoming tide touches roots to expose them
    Quicksand steals my shoe
    Clouds bring the f-stop blues

    --Jack Johnson

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    Quote Originally Posted by HappySnapper
    I was in Hong Kong two weeks ago and saw many FZ30's on sale. If your friend doesn't know Hong Kong too well, be sure to tell him to steer well clear of Nathan St and probably all of Tsim Sham Tsui. I trudged all around the district and the cheapest "genuine " price I could get was HK $4550. That equates pretty close to Au$800 but that didn't give me a WorldWide guarantee. There were plenty of scams where they gave me a price of HK$3500 only to find out that I "had" to buy a 2gig SD card and battery from them for another HK$2000. When I said that all I wanted was the camera, suddenly it was not available any more.
    Several guys even tried to palm an alternate camera off to me. I was told that the sellers are a little more honest in Kowloon and Mong Kok.
    In the end, I bought the FZ30 from Singapore for better price and a World guarantee from a much more straight forward seller. The camera is all that I expected and more.
    Thanks Happy Snapper,

    Ill remind him to pick up one with a worldwide guarantee.
    My friend is actually a HK native, so I think (hope) he know what he is doing

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    I think the assessment that most people who hate the noise are dSLR users is accurate, but misleading. It implies that the reason to choose dSLR is preference, when I would assert it is functionality. We are generally the same group of people, we just have different expectations of our hardware.

    Both technologies offer unique benefits. What makes a person choose one solution over the other is the importance of these benefits. By considering the unique benefits of dSLR and prosumer cameras, potential buyers can determine what they will be more satisfied with.

    The Panasonic FZ-30 is an excellent choice for outdoor photography. It captures amazing pictures when lighting is not a concern, and involves a significantly reduced learning curve over dSLR. It is a marginal solution in low-light situations, so users (like me) that require this functionality will not be pleased.

    To elaborate on this, consider mood lighting. If you are capturing pictures of a school play, a dance recital, or other event where natural lighting is essential to composition, the FZ-30 will fail. It does not support the extended ISO range necessary for this type of photography. It will also fail in low-light situations that flashes are not permitted, such as museums.

    The dSLR does not have the above limitations; it has others instead. You can't compose your image on a preview display, you must invest considerable time learning the ability of your hardware, and you must put out more money. The hardware will be larger, and as a result, less versitile.

    People must objectively review the limitations and benefits of each technology, then choose the option that is best for them. A person who is willing to invest considerable time learning the hardware in trade for exceptional quality will likely prefer the dSLR; a person who wants good results fast probably will not. The choice comes down to what the photographer deems most important.

    I would suggest that if you are trying to decide between prosumer cameras and dSLR, or questioning image quality, you need to make a list of the factors that are important to you and determine which of the two technologies best fulfills the list. It will tell you whether to consider a prosumer or dSLR solution, and it will put the limitations of cameras (like the FZ-30) into perspective for your situation.

    As a sidenote, the fact that people choose dSLR when the FZ-30's image noise is judged to be excessive is actually a boon to Panasonic. If there were effective alternatives within the prosumer line, there would be a different migration.

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