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    Canon vs Fuji???? Please help!

    I'm buying my first digital camera and I read the reviews of Jeff's favorite cameras under $400. The canon's and the Fuji sounded good to me. I am moving to Prague so I will be taking a lot of snapshots in museums, scenery etc...

    I have heard the canon's are easier to use, and that you need to have a very still hand to take pictures with the Fuji, but I don't know. I really just want good picture quality!!!

    If anybody could pleeeease pleaaaaaasssse help me...I am getting down to the wire!

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    which canon or fuji?

    I am guessing the

    Canon S2IS


    Fuji S5100


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    This is a no brainer. Go with the Canon if you are deciding between just these two cameras.

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    sorry i wasn't specific...i meant the fuji f10 and the canon sd300...i guess i wasn't choosing specifically between just these two cameras, so I am open to suggestions. I basically want something easy to use that will give good picture quality...I liked that the fuji worked so well in low light situations, but I am concerned about not having a view finder because sometimes my hands get shaky. Any more help anyone can give me would be much appreciated, i basically have no idea what i am doing.

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    I own the F10 and would give it the edge over the SD300 for picture quality that the cameras are capable of. It has higher resolution (6 megapixels vs. 4), better sharpness in the corners (compared to the SD300 samples that I've seen online), and produces very good images at higher ISO's, which will come in handy in museums or wherever you wouldn't be using a flash. The Canon does produce very pleasing colours, especially blue skies, although the F10 is no slouch in that area.

    However, the SD300 might be better as a pure point-and-shoot camera. Canon's PowerShots have a reputation for taking great images in full auto mode. I have found that the F10 requires some manipulation to get the best possible image quality. If you are willing to go through an initial trial-and-error phase with the camera and get familiar with its manual controls, you will be able to get the best out of it. If you simply want to press the shutter button and be done with it, you might be happier with the SD300.

    My 2 cents.

    By the way, is there any reason why you're not considering the Sony Cyber-shot DSC P150/200 cameras? They were also among Jeff's picks under $400.

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