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    Newbie Focusing Issue on S2

    Hi - hoping someone can help. I am a totally new to photography -- when i use the zoom i have serious issues focusing -- the focus goes in and out and then out again -- like it can't make up its mind ow something -- then stays mostly blurry -- even if i do the halfway shutter thing ( like it says in the manual) -- then in some shots the focus will be right on - and the pic is fantastic -- is this all due to lighting conditions? haven't tried any outdoor shots yet ...

    umm, what the hell is apeture (sp?) -- told u i'm new

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    Theres actually a good thread about aperture in tips section.

    I find that focusing can sometimes be challenging in low light conditions with the zoom. With me I usually only use the zoom outdoors. I find that the more I practice the better I get!

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