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    TC-DC58N with Canon S2 IS ?

    is it possible to use this telephoto lens with the S2?????
    can someone please help me as I can't find any answers on the net??
    Canon PowerShot S2 IS & Raynox DCR-2020 PRO 2.2X Telephoto Lens

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    kooz_jr Guest

    I'm not sure if the TC-DC58N will work with the S2 IS. It's designed primarily for the G3, G5, & G6. (Anyone else know if this will work?)

    The TC-DC58B is the lens you need for the S2 IS. Note also that in order to connect the TC-DC58B to the camera, you will need the LAH-DC20 adapter set. Both are available on Amazon.com, among other places.

    Good luck!

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