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Thread: Please Help

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    Unhappy Please Help

    I have spent months searching for a five to six megapixel camera and have finally narrowed it down to three cameras! They are the Canon Powershot A95, the Nikon Coolpix 5900, and the Kodak Easyshare Z740. Here are the pros and cons from their DCRP reviews.
    What I liked:

    * Very good photo quality (with sharpness adjusted)
    * Compact metal body
    * Tons of scene modes
    * Useful D-Lighting, Best Shot Selector, redeye reduction features
    * Good redeye test results (probably due to above)
    * AF-assist lamp
    * LCD "gains up" in low light
    * Great VGA movie mode
    * In-camera help system (though it could be better)
    * Optional underwater case
    * Above average battery life; support for disposable Duracell CP1 battery, if you can find one

    What I didn't care for:

    * Images a little soft at default settings; some corner blurriness
    * Manual controls, at least over shutter speed, are needed
    * Sluggish flash recharge time
    * Live histogram only available (briefly) by adjusting exposure compensation
    * No exposure info in playback mode
    * Only 13.5MB on built-in memory
    * Door over battery compartment too easy to open
    What I liked:

    * Very good photo quality
    * Flip-out, rotating LCD display (now larger and sharper!)
    * Tons of manual controls
    * AF-assist lamp
    * LCD usable in dim lighting
    * Support for conversion lenses, underwater case
    * Tons of new scene modes
    * Can save favorite settings to spot on mode dial
    * FlexiZone AF system lets you focus nearly anywhere in the frame
    * Impressive software package

    What I didn't care for:

    * Must buy rechargeable batteries
    * Redeye
    * No diopter correction knob
    * No rechargeable batteries included
    * Flimsy plastic door over CF slot
    * Can only print the date on photos at 1600 x 1200 resolution
    * Movie mode not so hot in 2004
    What I liked:

    * 10x Zoom
    * Very good photo quality in most situations
    * LCD and EVF usable in low light
    * Many manual controls
    * Supports conversion lenses, filters
    * AF-assist lamp; good low light focusing
    * EasyShare system (in-camera and with bundled software) makes it very easy to share and print photos
    * Plenty of scene modes
    * Good redeye test performance
    * Printer dock is a cool way to get instant prints (though note the operating costs)

    What I didn't care for:

    * Must by rechargeable batteries
    * Night shots seem soft and "overprocessed"
    * Camera didn't fare well in the macro test due to white balance issues; here's why we need custom white balance!
    * VGA movie mode quality isn't the best; frame rate is poor too
    * Flimsy plastic door over SD card slot
    * Flash pops up when camera is powered on
    If you have any alternatives that you like better than the Kodak for around the same price please post

    And if you have the time or need more information click on the addresses for the camera reviews.


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    Look at the Fuji F10 for a small 3X zoom with great low light performance or the Panasonic FZ-5 for a nice 10X zoom camera?


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    F-10 Suggestion

    I certainly agree with Tim's suggestion, provided you can operate without an optical viewfinder.

    Sarah Joyce

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    Does the kodak have an optical viewfinder? Went by the fact you liked the Z740.

    If you need an optical viewfinder then the A95 is nice, I'd have to know what you plan on using it for.


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