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    lemas156 Guest


    Hi all,

    I found this forum via Google, as well.

    My wife and I just got back from our vacation in Alaska. Low and behold, on our first excursion (Zip Lining through the trees), my LS443 decided it wanted to start taking black photos/video. All of the same symptoms - screen still previews old photos, lens extends, etc... This obviously could not come at a worse time for us. Luckily, my Canon camcorder takes 2mp pictures, so we were able to capture photos on the rest of our trip - albeit, not as good of quality, but memories were captured, nonetheless.

    I think we should file a class action lawsuit against Kodak. Seriously, everyone is having the same issue and they think they can sweep it under the rug by offering a refurbished replacement of another model for $150!? That is plain ridiculous.

    They need to cop to the fact that either this is a defect, or as someone else mentioned (which I feel could also be the case), they programmed the camera to expire.


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    sw2cam Guest
    I'd contact Mike O'Brain from Eastman Kodak on this site in the Kodak area.


    Or Ron Baird Eastman Kodak Company at this site in the Koadk area. Hope to see all of you there getting help.


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