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    nchanted Guest

    Hi I'm new - I also have black screen on LS443

    Hi Susan and everyone,

    I have had my LS443 for just over 2 years. Just one day this week I pulled the camera off the dock to use it, and Im getting black photos.. they download as black photos too. Im in Australia and of course my camera's out of warranty. Susan, was your camera still under warranty, if not how did you convince Kodak to repair for free?


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    marko Guest
    found this via google.

    thought I'd add my voice as I've the exact same problem.
    again, camera has been flawless for two years, then all black, justlikethat

    I'll phone kodak in the morning. wish me luck.

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    LS443 owner Guest

    Red face Add me to the list

    My camera has also caught the "Black screen flu". Very disappointing. I just received an e-mail from CNET asking for digital camera complaints. They have a new Point and Shoot discussion area. Maybe if enough of us speak up Kodak will do something. Hey - it could happen!

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    Phod Guest
    Apparently this is a defect in the camera. This just happened to me today so I searched google and low and behold I found this forum.

    Of course I'm post-warranty and probably screwed I guess eh? Anyone having luck Kodak owning up to this being obviously a product defect?

    Anyone find out exactly what the problem is?

    Any luck taking it to a repair shop?

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    DaveR Guest

    Angry YA LS443 in the dark

    I too got here via Google!

    Both my son and I have LS443's - and a great camera it was, got all the lenses, got some good shots! Couple of months ago my son (21) said his camera had developed a black screen, wouldn't take any shots. Kodak offered him a current equivalent model LS473 for around 70 bpnds. He hasn't taken up the offer. Two weeks ago, in the middle of a shoot, mine went black.

    I wonder how many enquiries Kodak have had on the subject ?

    We need to be heard Kodak!

    PS Anybody want to buy 0.6x Wide Angle and 2x Telephoto 37 mm lenses plus 39-37 mm adapter tube?
    Last edited by DaveR; 09-25-2005 at 10:03 AM.

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    smb405 Guest

    Error Code #45

    I'm having a problem with my LS443 as well. All of a sudden the camera stopped working and displayed the error code #45. The lens will not retract. My screen was blue. Kodak offered to sell me a refurbished camera to replace it.....I think not.....mine was purchased in April 2003. I asked Kodak to give me a rebate or trade-in on another Kodak camera of my choice but I am still waiting to hear back from them. Otherwise I am buying either a Canon, Panasonic or Olympus this weekend. This will be my son's first X-mas so I definitely need to purchase a camera. I'll give Kodak one chance to stand by it's product, however, I doubt they will. In that case I will never purchase another Kodak product again. Check out Consumer Reports and you will see a graph that shows all of the camera manufacturers repair history....Kodak is way down the list (frequent repairs) with Sony, Canon, Olympus, and others all in front. Anybody have any suggestions on a good 10 X optical zoom camera in the $250-$400 price range?

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    BOMAX Guest

    3 LSls443 gone bad same week at 2 years

    I am going to state a simple fact. Kodak may have figured this situation was against the odds (some one buying three LS443 at the same time frame).

    I think it is against the odds that all three stopped working the same week 2 years later. FACT

    A check engine light on my truck is programed to come on every so many starts...this initiates a great deal of service for the company and expense for people that do not know that a popular auto parts store resets the light for free.

    I think that my camera was designed to stop at a certain time. The camera requires you to put in the Date and Time before it will work.HMMMMM I wonder why.

    I do believe in Murphy's law...it is possible that I could buy three same make and model cameras for myself and for two other family members...not drop or get any wet...and have them all fail the same week.

    It is also possible that I win the Lotto.

    Kodak you made an oops...GOTCHA

    I have now bought a Nikon D50...WOW Way better and more money...however I prefer quality and a good product and service over price any day...I think I am not the only thinker like this as well...I am just like any other father spending good money.

    I will neh-eh-ever buy a Kodak Camera again.

    Kodak reminds me of the famous company I work for...Make all the money you can now because the new college bean counters have shown us the way...while we burn the candle of a good name to get the money...and worry about the name later...after the bean counters are gone...and the execs retired or take the package.

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    SDigital Guest

    Black screen for my LS443 as well

    I just have to chime in with the crowd. I just had the EXACT same problem occur with my LS443. The camera turns on, the lens extends, the old pictures, menu system, etc. can be viewed, but any new pictures or video are all black. The live video display on the LCD is also black.

    Like some of the former posters, I called Kodak support. I was walked through the usual removal of the battery, formatting the memory card speil that I had already done. I was then told that Kodak no longer services the LS443, but they could offer me an upgrade to a new camera (don't recall the model) for $150 plus shipping and handling. BS!!! Like someone else pointed out earlier, isn't it a bit odd that all of us are having these cameras go out in the same inexplicable manner around the same time?!?! I'm no conspiracy nut, but it would be awfully easy for a software/firmware programmer to put an "expiration date" into a camera like this.

    As for me, I won't be taking them up on their replacement offer. I had my fill of bad service from Kodak.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2006
    Found via google...same problem as above. Camera turns on no screen preview tho...I thought Kodak was a reputable company. I will try to get some support from them, if this doesnt end well then I will report back.

    Kodak should fix this for free. Sony fixed my PS2 for free because of a known defect, it was WAY out of warranty. This is obviously a defect. Just in time for Easter too. Yay Kodak!

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    Apr 2006
    Hello again,
    I talked to Kodak. They have a program already setup to replace the defective camera with a refurbished camera for $150.00. Like already stated.

    This is obviously a huge problem with kodak. The fact that they offered me a $150.00 refurbished camera as a replacement for my defective camera was not only an insult because I could buy the same camera brand new for a few bucks more but they honestly expected me to pay for another POS kodak camera when the original POS broke due to a defect. See an endless cycle here?

    Honestly if companies are getting away with this crap then they are just going to push more junk onto the public. We need to stop buying from companies like this when they do not support their products. I will not buy a kodak again.

    I purchsed a Sony H1, this is an awesome camera. On clearance pricing right now due to the new H2. I went to Sony because my PS2 broke with a defect and they fixed it for free well out of warranty with no proof of purchase other then the Sony brand name on the unit. I thought I could trust a name like Kodak for a digital camera, I thought wrong.

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