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    Z5 - H1 - Fz20 - 8080

    I want a camera around 400 USD (dont mind refurb), having good zoom, ext flash, manual controls, 30fps unlimited 640x480 movie and IS.

    I'm close to buying Dimage Z5. however, I have H1, FZ20 and C-8080 in mind.

    any ideas?

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    Camera Choices


    How much zoom, is "good" zoom? Looking at your list only the K-M Z-5, H-1, FZ-20, and the Canon S-2 meet your requirement for a digital camera with IS. Of those cameras, clearly the Canon S-2 is the better choice for its video capabilities, and photo quality, but it is very closely followed by the FZ-20, and H-1. The K-M Z5 is a competent digital camera but is does not quite have the flexibility and photo quality of the others.

    If the video capability of your digital camera is a real priority for you then, in my opinion, the best choice would be the Canon S-2

    The Olympus C-8080 is an interesting wide angle to only 5X optical zoom digital camera than has no IS but has come down a lot in price. It has many enthusiastic users, but it is a physically large camera.

    I am confused as to why you began two very similiar threads?

    Sarah Joyce

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    thanks Sarah, I missed your attachments for my thread

    actually I saw the questionnaire after I had posted this thread and thought it was polite to abide by the rules. this thread can be closed by admin if they want.

    after looking at your images, I think that having a greater ISO capability is more desirable than IS (comments plz).

    I dont mind a zoom that is good for mountain areas (karakorams ... thats where I trekked most) ... what sized zoom do you recommend. I am just choosing max cos it makes sense to me. I'm a newbie.

    I think most of my photos will be indoor. low light ... my baby's pics.

    actually I want to buy a longterm digicam and a camcorder, both within 500USD, where camcorder limit is around 150USD only. but I would stil want a little bit of video capability to shoot my son. do you think less than 640x480 @30 fps is ok!

    kinda complex ... plz help, its a poor man's wish.

    ( I had also considered kyocera M410R, available in my town for 233USD)

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