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    Hewlett Packard Printing Inks

    I have an HP 2210 all in one printer, scanner, fax, and copy machine. It replaced a previous HP all in one that was excellent in all respects except one: Using HP color paper the inks never completely set up. After months a moist finger will ruin the print and discolor the finger. I had saved a number of photos in an album and one day I decided to replace some of the photos with newer ones. The ink in the old photos had reacted with the transparent photo envelopes and bonded to them and removing them destroyed the photo and the envelopes. Areas of the photos that were pure black were particularly bad.
    I wrote to HP asking if the HP 2210 inks were the same as on the previous model. They never replied. Since then I have not used my HP 2210 for printing color pictures; I to go COSTCO and get prints on photographic paper.
    Does the new HP printer that Jeff wrote about use the same inks as the HP 2210 and the previous HP models. I believe that stability of the inks in the finished print should be of great importance to a potential purchaser.

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    Are you sure that it's an ink problem, as opposed to a paper problem? Have you tried other brands of paper. The Ilford Smooth Pearl, for example, is a quick-drying photo paper.
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