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    Lightbulb Black LCD screen "fixed" - image wouldn't display

    All of a sudden my DSC-P51 wouldn't display an image on the LCD screen. It remained black instead of displaying the subject. The menu displayed fine on the screen. The shutter worked also.

    I didn't want to spend the $$ that it would take to fix it as it is 2.5 years old and isn't worth much. One can be found on the bay for much less than what it would cost to fix my camera. Not wanting to give up, I read a whole lot of posts and did a lot of research. I "fixed" the problem by, get this, simply hitting one end of the camera with the heel of my hand while firmly holding the camera in my other hand. Something loose inside that responded to a firm knock and the subsequent jarring of the innards??? After two weeks of use, it is still working like it did before.

    I hope this "fix" can help someone else and save lots of $$.

    Good luck!

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    If shutter works, then better look for another camera from ebay or sell yours there.
    The repair cost will easy go over 100$.

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