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    S5000 Fuji download problems

    Forum members,

    After two years, of downloading pictures from my Fuji S5000, I suddenly have a problem in which the camera comes up on the PC identified as a removable hard disk, the images being in a Fuji 100 folder nestled in a DCIM folder. I can't manipulate them as they are said to be corrupt or incompatible.

    I recently installed an external hard disk with a USB hub included, and believe that commences the problem. I have since reinstalled the Fuji FinePix viewer software and taken off the other externals, but I am still having this problem.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.



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    The problem is most likely a corrupt card that needs to be re-formated in the camera. But, I would try an external XD card reader. If you can read it on the reader, you may have a camera issue. If you still can't read it on the reader, then try re-formatting the card. Or the card may need to be replaced.

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