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    Quote Originally Posted by BowerR64 View Post
    I'm assuming he meant to write "S3" instead as he owns an S3 hehe. In answer to the previous question - most matters concerning S2 can be applied to S3 as well.
    - Paul

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    s3 i meant to say s3

    s3 i meant to say s3 list for the few changes

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadman View Post
    I wonder whether this would be OK with a 58mm adapter and rubber collapsible lens hood.
    58 mm Ok but not the hood.


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    Alex Rixon Guest

    Manual Focus Tip

    Hi all,
    Here is a tip for those that use the manual focus option, especially when taking macro shots.

    I use the focus bracketing option to take a shot focussed slightly either side of the current focus position. The amount of focus variation is adjustable.

    This will result in 3 photo’s being taken instead of one.
    Note: you will have to hold the release button down while shooting the 3 shots.

    After you have taken the shot you can view the image in the preview mode.
    Use the zoom and multi directional button to zoom in to the focus location.

    Press the Set button and then use the multi directional key to switch between the 3 images that were taken to see if they are focused the way you wanted. Doing this will allow you to stay zoomed to that extent while changing between the photo’s


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    Thanks Alex!

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    Unless this has already been posted I have a couple optimizations for Continuous shooting.

    Along with viewing this link, setting "H" for high-speed continuous, and setting your AF to "Continuous" will help greatly with moving subjects that you really want to catch in action. If you have AF set to single the camera will not re-focus as the subject moves.

    I had problems capturing zoo animals such as a tiger as he came closer to the camera because I did not have AF set to continuous, and I didn't have the high-speed option set so I wasn't snapping as many shots as I would have liked (though it is still pretty fast). I will be much better prepared next time.

    The only exception to this is if you are trying to shoot a moving object through a fence (monkey for example). You need single AF because you need to lock onto the object and keep it there as you use burst shooting. Continuous AF will bounce back and forth between focusing on the fence (chain link in my case) and the animal behind it as you move the camera.
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    i found out that sometimes the focus braketting when using macro (rynox 250) doesn't work. what i used was continous high shot, given the fact that rynox's focus line is paper thick, and the hand (human body) is impossible to stay still, you have big chances to get a clear picture
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    name capture

    been trying to do the name in exif to no evail, i don't want to uninstall and reinstall?????

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    Time to Retire The S2 Tip List Sticky

    Well, I think the time has come to "Un-Sticky" the S2 tips thread. While a lot of the tip info applied equally to the S3, the S5 is an entirely different animal. I don't plan on buying an S5, so maybe some enterprising S5 owner who has torn their camera apart and tested every feature and has discovered a bag of tricks can start an S5 Tip List sticky.

    Thank you everyone who has contributed!
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