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    DCRP Canon S2 IS Tip List

    After contacting Jeff Keller, we decided to put the list up publicly. Please feel free to contribute additional tips that members may find useful. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far!

    DCRP Canon S2 IS Tips

    Set contrast to the lowest setting to prevent dynamic range “clipping” and blown out whites (see Photo Effect / Custom Effect Setting, page 94 of the manual).

    Set the IS Mode to “Shoot Only” to get the sharpest results.

    According to the User Guide, image stabilization does not work if the camera is being held vertically*.
    *This has been confirmed by Canon Customer Support, although through individual testing, there is anecdotal evidence that the user guide and Canon tech support are wrong and that image stabilization does work when the camera is held veritcally.

    Try using “Center Weighted Average” metering in bright light situations.

    Try using “Spot” metering for best results in low light with no flash.

    In “Record Mode” press the SET button and use the arrows to move the focus point. If “Spot” metering is being used, the meter spot will move with the focus point.

    Set AF to “Single” to avoid some AF mistakes while shooting photos (adds a bit of lag, but worth it). Set AF to “continuous” for video shooting.

    When using manual focus it’s easier to see if you use the viewfinder. Just remember to adjust the diopter for your vision and it helps to turn MF-Point Focus OFF. When you think you’ve got the focus spot-on, press the SET button and the camera will re-focus precisely.

    Avoid using Auto White Balance (AWB), especially outdoors on bright sunny days and under fluorescent lights (just remember to change it again based on the shooting situation).

    Don't set in-camera sharpening to highest setting to avoid jpeg artifacts.

    Setting EV to -1/3 results in more saturated, yet naturally colored images (helps with “hot" highlights as well).

    When using conversion lenses, ALWAYS change the menu setting to match the converter used, otherwise AF will not work properly. Don’t forget to change it back to OFF after you’ve finished using the converter.

    Set “Safety Shift” to ON if your shoot in Av or Tv modes but want any aperture or shutter setting mistakes you may have made to be over-ridden by the camera. Safety Shift is disabled when using the flash.

    Set all the settings the way you like, go to the Menu, highlight “Save Settings” and press the SET button, highlight OK and press SET again. Now, use the Mode Dial to change to “C” and all your saved settings are there and active.

    After you take a shot, hold the shutter release button down and the image will remain on the screen until released. Press the FUNC button before releasing and you can immediately erase the picture by pressing SET. Press the DISP button before releasing and you see the histogram and image info...all without having to go into "Playback" mode.

    When in "Playback" mode, simply half-press the shutter to return to "Record" mode (no need to use the little button/switch).

    Instructions for printing a Date/Time stamp on your photos is the "Direct Print Users Guide" and not in the camera manual (refer to pg. 141 of the camera manual). Procedures vary depending on how you are going to print.

    Get the LA-DC58E Conversion Lens Adapter, now only available as part of the Adapter/Lens Hood Kit LAH-DC20, a UV filter and a 60mm push-on lens cap and leave them on if you want lens protection. If your filter has front threads you can also use a 58mm snap-on or screw-on lens cap. Also, Lensmate has an aluminum 52mm adapter available (not compatible with Canon conversion lenses, although it is compatible with Raynox high-quality converters) and a 58mm version that is compatible with the Canon converters.

    Don’t use the lens hood (LH-DC40) while using the flash. It will cause a shadow in the photo.

    To use the flash, you must lift it manually, even in "Auto" mode. It does not pop-up automatically. This is a feature, not a lack of a feature. It allows you to have total control over flash operation.

    The WC-DC58A wide-angle converter also causes a shadow when used with the flash.

    At full zoom, you cannot focus any closer than 3-ft. (90cm) unless you use macro mode, a close-up lens, or a combination of both. When using Macro mode or a close-up lens, there is also a maximum focusing distance. Remember when using macro mode and/or a close-up lens that there is no “infinity” and the depth of field is VERY shallow…with very little subject distance tolerance (an inch or less closer/nearer).

    Super Macro Mode is at full wide angle only (6mm, zoom not available). Also, to access Super Macro Mode, the manual is incorrect (p. 58). You must press and hold the button for a second or so to activate it, not press repeatedly as the manual states.

    Published Focusing Range for the S2:
    Normal: 1.6 ft./50cm-Infinity (W), 3.0 ft./90cm-Infinity (T)
    Macro: 3.9 in.-1.6 ft./10-50cm
    Super Macro: 0-3.9 in./0-10cm

    Divide above numbers by 2 if you are using the Canon 500D and 4 if using the Canon 250D (yes, it works) close-up lens.

    Fastest selectable shutter speed by f/stop for the S2:
    3200/sec. @ f/8.0
    2500/sec. @ f/7.1, f/6.3, f/5.6
    2000/sec. @ f/5.0, f/4.5, f/4.0
    1600/sec. @ f/3.5, f/3.2, f/2.7
    And, here's a tip from Snowrdr:
    Hook up the S2 to your PC with the USB cable and go to the remote capture screen. Enter your name, take a remote capture shot and from now on, your name will be in the EXIF data.

    And this one from JamesD:
    I like to use a circular polarizer with my camera but can't be bothered carrying around the lens adapter. I cut two thin strips of adhesive back velcro (loop side, about 1" by 1/8 ") and put them on the inside edge of a 52mm filter adapter attached to my filter. This slides snugly over the extended barrel of the S2.

    And another from Rinume:
    If your exposures come out incorrectly in Manual when using flash, try adjusting the "Flash Output".

    This one from gingersrus:
    Canon has a great section on their website that goes into detail on how to use this camera, including animated gif files to show exactly where and how on the camera. Go to http://web.canon.jp/Imaging/pss2is/101-e.html and just keep following the links to get into more advanced features.

    Here's one from macse:
    For those that want to add a few more minutes to their video (depending on video quality chosen), you can adjust the sound quality to lowest in your settings which will give you a few more minutes of video.
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