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Thread: Snow Pictures

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    Snow Pictures

    It is supposed to snow tomorrow down here (in Atlanta, we don't get much of it). So I wanted to take some pictures of it falling. I tried the other day (snow 2x in one week in Atlanta... unheard of!), and it didn't come out well at all.

    Any tips? (I'm using a Canon S5 IS).

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    Windy Wyoming, USA
    You want to take pictures of the snow falling, right? (as opposed to snow-covered landscapes.) You're probably lucky you live in Atlanta, you're more likely to get large flakes since it's warmer out there. The large flakes will show up more than the little ones would. If it's dark, you'll probably want to go under a streetlight or something, to light up the flakes. If you want the "streaky," blurred effect, put your camera on a tripod and use a relatively long shutter speed. If it's bright outside, you'll need a small aperture. The small aperture will also help you have more flakes in focus. If you want the snow to be "frozen," (lol) use a short shutter speed.

    P.S. You might be more pleased with your picture if the subject isn't actually the snowflakes, but if the snowflakes just "happen" to be falling on a compelling subject, like a child's upturned face, or a misty orchard
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    Thanks for the info. I'll try it out. It's going to be during the morning. At night it's much easier (or at least when it's darker with some artificial lighting).

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