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    compact camera with manual features - need help

    Im looking for a compact-ultra compact, +/-5 pixels, around $400, with manual focus for close up shots of details on jewelry and other objects. I will mainly be putting the images on-line. Image stabilzer would be great too. Also like the idea of the new Nikons with the wi-fi built in.

    I will be using the camera for mostly on-line and as an all around camera, that's why i prefer the compact or ultra.

    I;ve tried one of the olympus models (can't remember which one) and it was extremely user friendly with good quality images, however, i could not get clear macro shots even with a tripod. Also tried the kodak easyshare (new model) but realized it did not have the manual focus. But i did like the compactness and ease of use on both cameras.

    I now have a canon A620 - I had to carry it with me the other day and it was just too bulky & heavy taking 4 batteries and i find it somewhat complicated to use.

    Am I asking for too much, portability, manual control, good image quality, low price?


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    i had a casio z750 that worked really well. good quality images (though a touch over-saturated) and good macro mode. really easy to use as well. had full manual control. only reason i returned it was because it wasn't the type of camera i wanted.

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