The other day I noticed in the paper that the Queen Mary 2, one of the largest liners in the world, was coming to little old Adelaide and would be docking at 8am. My wife and I decided it would be a nice little outing to drive to Outer Harbor and take a few photos as the QM2 came in. Much to her surprise (and mine) I was up at 5am and we arrived at the viewing area at 6.30am, taking the last car park space. In the far distance, under the still dark skies, we could see the lights of the ship approaching.

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There were quite a few photo-takers there, with tripods set up. The chap next to me turned out to have the same camera as me (D7000), and originally lived near where I used to live in London! That's my wife Teresa crouching by the rail with her Canon S95. The long-distance shots in the dark weren't much good but she got some great pics as the ship drew nearer.

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Gradually she got closer and closer...

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...revealing her sleek lines.

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Some brave souls on board were up and about. It's only when the ship is alongside you that you realise how fast it's moving!

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All in all, a very impressive sight...

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I'm glad we went!