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  1. Digital Extreme Power Batteries & Charger?

    My wife just bought a Canon Powershot A630. She bought a package from the online retailer that included a printer and a set of 4 NiMH rechargeables and a charger.

    The instructions that came...
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    What he told my wife is that shutter lag was...

    What he told my wife is that shutter lag was worse in all AA-powered cameras vs. proprietary battery pack cameras.

    BTW, wife is looking at the following:

    Cannon SD750
    Cannon SD1000 ELPH...
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    Upgrading from Old Nikon

    How old? We've had a Nikon Coolpix 775 since late 2001. Can you even buy a 2 MP camera anymore? Anyway, looking for something new. I imagine any of the new models will put the shutter lag on ours...
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