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  1. Sony W200 anybody know where I can find a review


    I am currently looking for a new digital camera and I am interested in the new W200, however before I commit myself I would like to know if it is good and how it compares to the likes of the...
  2. S3 nightime social shots, Any examples?

    I am looking at buying an S3 however before I do I would like to know how good it is at taking pictures at nightime of social scenes.

    The camera I am looking for would be used for everything from...
  3. went down to my local jessops camera store to...

    went down to my local jessops camera store to check out the two cameras, the guy in the shop was useless, I asked him a few questions about the two cameras, he didn't even know that the A630 did not...
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    Nikon P5000 any good?

    Looking for a high end advanced portable camera, have been considering the A710 IS for some time, just found out about the new Nikon P5000 and wanted to know if anybody hasused it and how good it is?
  5. Propriety batteries

    Your not the only one who hates them, It is one of the reasons I refuse to buy an ipod, plus I like to do a lot of camping and last time I checked most tents don't come fitted with a handy plug...
  6. I know its just 100 above my budget. I really...

    I know its just 100 above my budget.

    I really would like a G7, read a preview of the A570 Is, it has the same Digic 3 as the G7 and also IS and it looks like it is in my budget, maybe I should...
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    Are there any reviews of the A570 yet? I am...

    Are there any reviews of the A570 yet?

    I am considering a new camera, either A710 or A630 but would like to know if the A570 is any better
  8. why no IS on A6xx series?

    Looking at most cameras in the 4x standard range, a lot have IS so how come the A6xx series hasn't gone for that yet?

    Are canon planning to release a new model soon that includes IS with all the...
  9. Panasonic FZ7

    Sorry for the double post, but reading another thread I came across the Panasonic FZ7. This has the extra zoom which I am not sure I need but falls within my budget, is it worth considering because...
  10. Sd 800 Is

    Is the SD800 is worth considering alongside the A710 IS and the A640?
  11. Looking for a new camera A710IS or A640?

    * 200, $350


    Small enough to carry around on a night out, but with all the features

    How many megapixels will suffice for you?
    7-10 Mpixels does more pixels make much...
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