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  1. these were my choices...

    I was looking at test pictures and was surprised to see that the lumix dmc-fz7 seemed to offer the best images in low light situations - this is for some reason i cannot explain, the one i am most...
  2. Stressed! Just give me one suggestion to suit i beg you!

    It's sunny day outside, but i'm not out there, i am here, getting incredibly confused. I WILL buy a camera today. I'm ordering it next day delivery i'm so desperate, lol.

    Ok - these are my specs
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    fujifilm finepix s5600 opinions?

    fujifilm finepix s5600 seems to fit the bill the most, am i right or am i wrong? This i've found one for £174 which is in my budget.

    I wasn't looking for the chunky slr design but i suppose it...
  4. Help me find the right camera please - these are my specs

    I'm going on a round the world trek with the aim and objective of photography 'urban decay' that is, inner city areas globally, - i was previously a student, and so i can't afford 1000 slr digital,...
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