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    I keep hearing mixed things about buydig....

    And the biggest thing I've been hearing with cameras (and probably anything else) is that it's not worth saving the $30 - you are better off buying it from a reputable source than a questionable...
  2. Here's a clearer shot. I've waited 30 years for this fella and I have two

    little boys - I take about 100 photos a month. I used to have a manual Pentax years ago and I LOVED IT - someday when I have the time again I will have to get back into the manual side of things...
  3. wow JTL that's the greatest suggestion i have heard yet! Thanks!

    that solves all of my issues except for image stabilization - which is an issue. I would think I need it - doesn't everyone? But obviously people are taking MANY great photos without IS - can...
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    I know I am not an expert but I think Canon just has a great reputation...

    all across the board - every review site I see - I still think it's your best bet and I agree that I wouldn't let that small of a thing scare you away.
  5. So clearly it depends on personal preference based on your use...

    Charlie it sounds like you don't need anything "fancy" which I think is my hangup. We all want nice pictures and I am going from 2.3MP junk but don't want to overbuy. My only concern is that since...
  6. Wow that was impressive and I truly thank you for the answer!

    Obviously I was asking because I don't want to have any less than the zoom on that camera and it's an AWESOME zoom. I appreciate all that info!
  7. charlies what is the ccd 1/18"? sorry obviously i am not a pro!

    how did you distinguish between the 610 and 620 then?
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    No tips here but...

    Those are nice shots. Thanks for sharing. I think what they display is that the 520 provides more than adequate shots for the average user. This should be a great place for you to get all of your...
  9. Zoom Trivia - 35mm zoom what is it in digital?

    i have the fuji discovery (it's an AWESOME camera by the way) 35mm obviously. I love the 1000 zoom can anyone tell me what that zoom would be equivalent to in the digital world? 10x? Thanks!
  10. Thanks I have to agree - there is nothing worse than a missed shot...

    due to the lag! DIGIC II seems like the way to go!
  11. dell is $30 more on each camera I am considering PLUS shipping and tax...

    also buydigs price is after a rebate in which you have to buy a printer and I already have one - therefore - bestpriceaudiovideo does have the best prices? Am I missing something. I have also read...
  12. Thanks ELO - I appreciate all that info. The A620 is high on my list and the

    S2 is still hanging around - I'm really not into the manual camera thing but I think I could use the IS - it's a little too bulky for me but if the IS were worth it - I'd do it - But I am still...
  13. I would guess that no one has any experience with them? They have the best prices so

    if someone makes the plunge let me know how it all goes!
  14. Thread: Canon A610

    by nickels

    It was obviously an error in their information I doubt this website

    was clever enough to mislead anyone because they are so busy trying to push good deals (I have another post if these are for real or not) - it's bestpriceaudiovideo.com that has that listed that way.
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    The rocket launch...

    is very impressive.....
  16. you are right - i read that on an unreliable website! Sorry!

    thanks for pointing that out!
  17. From all that I've been reading I actually would choose the A620 I had previously..

    said that size doesn't matter but I have been to the store since all of this discussion and although I don't need ultra compact the S2 was suprisingly heavier. But I can get past that. The only...
  18. I agree with you - I don't need to "cheap out" it's not like I buy

    one every year - thanks for all of the great help!
  19. Thanks

    for your help - much appreciated!
  20. OMT Diff between DIGIC vs DIGIC II how significant is this?

    Thanks everyone!
  21. Thread: Canon A610

    by nickels

    From the info I find it says that A610 has DIGIC and not DIGIC II

    sorry i am finding conflicting info on websites to purchase the camera - i guess i should visit canon.com!
  22. You said not the A95 b/c of DIGIC but A610 has DIGIC too?

    The only one that has DIGIC II of those is the A620? Thanks for all this help ;0)
  23. Thanks HappEBoy!

    After more research I'm even batting around the A95 - this is worse than car shopping!
  24. I'm sorry I'm so confused now - I definitely want Canon

    but what is the difference between the A95, A610, A620, G6 I know there are technical differences but what are the most important features to have? Is the DIGIC II worth spending more because I...
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    Sticky: mr peabody those photos of the weim (sp) are AMAZING!

    what kind of camera were you using?
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