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    Thanks, and 1 last question

    Thanks to everyone with your input, I have a good idea of what I want, but I enjoy and appreciate being able to bounce thoughts off people and hear from thier experiences.

    The last thing I'm...
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    What do you mean that "this is 80mm on a Canon...

    What do you mean that "this is 80mm on a Canon DSLR" and this "would be 136mm on your camera"

    Also, what do you think about the Canon EF 135mm F2L USM, since this lens gets 2 as apposed to 2.8 on...
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    New Lenses, but which ones?

    I am looking into buying some new lenses for my Canon 40D. I am looking for a really nice lens for sports, mostly night football with poor lighting and poor lighting in a gym (high school sports),...
  4. Pp?

    Just wondering what PP is short for. I'm a Graphic Designer by nature, photographer by choice, so what do you mean "2 in pp?"
  5. My lenses

    I have two Sigma DG lenses - one is 28-70mm 1:2.8-4 and the
    other is 70-300mm 1:4-5.6
  6. Canon 40D sports help - night football & gym sports

    I just picked up a sweet 40d canon slr and could really use some help and advice in using it to get the best pictures possible in a few situations. I work for a high school so I have to cover lots...
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