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  1. So many thanks!

    Wow, so many thanks to all!!! ;-)

    I think I have a clearer picture now. I knew about the IS working for camera movement and not the object's... it's just that my hands shake a lot!:D lol (for...
  2. about wildlife...

    Hi Sarah!
    Thanks so much for your help. ;) I appreciate it a lot!

    So, you don't really like the Olympus? I have read a lot, and it doesn´t seem to handle itself very well.

    For my needs, I'm...
  3. Want to upgrade to Ultra Zoom... Please advise this newbie ;-)


    I recently (about a year ago) started learning stuff about photography and want to learn more, but not in a professional way right now.
    I have a Canon Powershot A410 and I love it, but only...
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