View Full Version : Circuit City has FZ-20's in stores now!

09-11-2004, 09:35 PM
2 of 3 of my closest CC's sold out of their inventory which they received just today! I wanted to see/hold one and called a store and asked them to put one on hold and I'd make the haul to come see/buy. They wouln't put it on hold, but explained I could buy it online and they'd set one aside for me. And that If I didn't like it, I have 14 days to return it.

While I know this forum is about Panasonic, the dealers we buy from seem relevant, and in that spiritm I want to pass on my positive experience with CC in Frisco, TX.

I paid full MSRP of $599 online. When I went to pick it I lamented about missing it when it was $539. Then, it was gone from their site altogether. When it came back online it was at $599. Okay, maybe I was dropping a subtle hint, but she offered to ask her manager about the lower price and without waiting for my reply, was on the phone talking with the store manager. My credit card was credited the different plus tax. Amazing. I purchased a big SD card as a "thank you". I was going to shop for competitive prices, but today, CC earned my business.

Just wanted to pass on my positive experience and send kudos to CC for taking the high road.

I'm still unpacking ... like a kid on Christmas morning! :D