View Full Version : DX7440 Battery catch breakage

06-25-2005, 04:02 PM
Hi fellow DX7440 owners,

The Battery catch is self distructing all by itself.:mad:
(From the tension of the spring combined with the design of catch and the type of plastic used.)
It usually ends up in x3 pieces along with a spring.

Searches though google and the net appear its end of last years production
affecting users in the USA, UK & Australia.
Not sure if all owners are having the same issue?

My friend purchased a LS753 and is now concerned that the same style of catch is in her camera. - But as her's has a flip top compartment lid - if the catch goeas there will be no way to keep the battery in by using the compartment door like you can in the DX7440 with some paper to keep you going.

Camera has to be sent back to have the back off to so it can have a new clip & spring can be installed. I don't know if they have fixed the issue yet?

Otherwise it's a great cammera as recommended by this WEB site . :D
I find it has low .2 shutter lag and produces excellent results in a easy to use package. Unlike that horrible/unlogical menu system the Olympus has at work.
So I'm very happy with it except for the 5 cent part.
It's my second Kodak digital with first taking many quality pictures over 4 years performing extremely reliably but it was made in Japan by Chinon (Kodak) ;)