View Full Version : olympus D560 digital camera power problem

06-24-2005, 05:08 AM
Hi, All:

I bought this olympus D560 two years ago. It worked great.
A couple of weeks ago, it got a problem. The battery seemed to be
drained very soon after just one shot. I sent it to a repair
shop and they told me that the "switch" of the camera was not
working, so the power ran out very quickly.

Does anyone know which part the "switch" is and where I can purchase one to replace my bad switch?



06-24-2005, 10:53 AM
Olympus is very expensive on it's hand labor, they wanted to charge me like 120 $ for a interior lens clean service on an Olympus C-2100UZ, absolutely cracy out of this world prices.

Charge the batteries again and tried them on any other device, probalbly one of them has interior charging problems and makes tha camera shut off very soon, have experienced this same problem with some NIMH batteries.

Some battery testers, test under actual load conditions, as if working on a device, try to get yourself one. I use a Radio Shack Micronta Battery Tester model 22-032A, or get a hand simple one that test in this condition and look foy any charge loss before searching for a repair camera shop.

Regards Luis