View Full Version : DigiPower - any experience?

09-09-2004, 10:22 AM
I guess I should have asked this before buying, but I'm wondering in anybody has experience (pro or con) w/ DigiPower chargers or batteries. I just bought the one-hour quick charger (DPS-5000), which came w/ 4 x 2000 mAh batteries and am now wondering if I made a good buy. I couldn't tell if this was a timed charger or not. Does it make a difference? Anything I should be aware of?

Also - dumb question - how do you post a hyper-link to a web site in my posts? I would like to link to the actual page of the charger so people will have a clue what I'm talking about. I searched the forum for a similar question, but couldn't find one. If anyone can direct to an answer or just tell me, it would be much appreciated!

Thanks! :D