View Full Version : Canon A70 shots Black and Mauve color (Lens Problem?)

09-09-2004, 03:17 AM

I have a Canon a70, i bought the camera about 1 years ago.

when I turn on the camera, The LCD show Black and Mauve colors and nothing can be viewed from the LCD.

A sampel picture that was taken by this problem (the LCD is like this photo, when the camera is on)

Sample --->>>>> http://zoheir.net/a70p.jpg

Whats the problem? what can I do to fix it?

Thank You

09-09-2004, 08:01 AM
For me it looks like the LCD is the problem not the Lens.
You can test it by taking any picture then load it on your computer and see the result.
Anyways, you will have to repair the camera. If it's still within the 1 year warranty, call Canon now.

If I were in your place, I would still call Canon even if the camera is not under warranty anymore. Ask how much they will charge you and decide yourself if you buy a new one or repair the one you have.

Good luck