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06-09-2005, 10:15 AM
Iím pretty tech savvy but I must admit that I have no idea what is the best or more common, or what the future of storage cards for digital cameras is
All I know is that a relative has a Sony and that it is slow in every aspect (from tacking pics to downloading on my pc), donít really care for the sony sticks.
I bought an IBM laptop about six months ago, and it has a SD card reader integrated on it. But I donít want to make a decision on what type on storage I use base on my laptop. I wish to hear from people and what is the most convenient, easy to use, safe and popular storage option. When I say popular what I really want to know is which of all storage types will become the standard in the future (already made that mistake, bought a Betamax in 1980, by 1984 there were no tapes, and no one used them, VHS won)
Ultimately your answer will affect the camera I buy, so please help.

06-16-2005, 01:24 PM
let my first say that i also have an sd slot on my notebook. i would be lying if i said that that had nothing to do with the choice of my current camera, maybe not a deciding factor but it affected me early on.

it seems to me, that in this age of micro-technology, the push is to move towards smaller but without sacrifices capacity. by that i mean, we are trying to keep card size as small as possible (xd and sd) while maintaining storage sizes of over 1 gig. based on that it would lead me to beleive that the future lies with the xd or sd card.

i am extremely satisfied with the sd, in fact i bought a 256 mb card for under 30 bucks a best buy. that size is sufficiwnt and when it becomes insufficient i can always buy another.

06-16-2005, 01:28 PM
Basically, there are two standards - compact flash and secure digital. The market at the moment seems to be churning out cameras for the professional which take compact flash and secure digital for the amateur. Don;t worry about xtreme digital or memory stick - they're somewhat funky manufacturer's specials and just there to confuse you. Like Betamax, I doubt they'll be around for too long.