View Full Version : Canon A70 with Vivitar 283 - yellow

06-06-2005, 07:07 PM
Hi All,

Been experimenting with a slave attached to a couple of older flash units. My camera is A70, set to Manual, ISO50. White Balance is on AWB (Auto).

One flash is Canon Speedlight 155A. I can make it work quite well with the A70. It's not a very powerful unit (GN 51 (ASA100, ft). The light color is close to white, or not much different from the A70 flash.

When I use the Vivitar 283 (about 20 years old), the results are visibly yellow. I can get the exposure right, but I'm not happy with the color.

The lens on the 283 has slight yellow tint, but it's always been that way and did not bother film.

Anyone have experience with this. TIA