View Full Version : LFS443 Issue, no LCD help!

06-01-2005, 03:31 AM
Finally found someonewhere that has a wealth of information. I own an LFS443 Digital by Kodak and love this camera and am devasted as to what could be wrong. I have the camera dock as well. Fully charged and tested battery. Here's the problem. I used the camera few days ago. Took several pictures and some video and when I downloaded it to my computer 3 pictures where there, 1/2 of one and rest were BLACK......including video. Have sounds on video, but no picture. I now notice my LCD isn't working either, as that day I was using the regular hole to snap pictures as we were outside and LFS443 isn't known for it's great viewing of its LCD in sunlight. I keep thinking since everything else is working great, all settings are correct that it seems almost like a lense is covered or somethings. Any help WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. I am not ready to give this Camera up. I love it. TIA